Exchange and Return Policy


Replacement within 3 days from the date of receipt.
Return within a day from the date of receipt.
For return and exchange, you can visit our branch
* You can also contact us via Whatsapp:
Our dear customer :
In the event that your order is out with the shipping company or a bill of lading is issued and the order is requested to be canceled, in this case, the amount of your order will be refunded for the product and the delivery value will be deducted
In the event that you want to exchange and return any product after receipt, the shipping amount for the returned order and the new order must be paid
Knowing that the shipping amount goes directly to the shipping company
In the event that a damaged product arrives, the customer will be compensated with the same damaged product
All pictures of the damaged product are attached
Compensation within 15 of the date of receipt -
We honor you our customers always and forever.
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