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    Black Saffron Unisex is a luxurious fragrance that fits both sexes. It is part of Tom Ford's high-end range of fragrances. Here are some details of this attractive fragrance:

    Top ingredients: Black Saffron starts with top ingredients of saffron, mandarin and cardamom. These ingredients give a touch of rich seasoning and citrus recovery.

    Middle ingredients: The heart of the fragrance has a wonderful bouquet of orchid, rose and javanese flowers. These ingredients give the fragrance elegance, subtlety and attractiveness.

    Basic ingredients: The basic ingredients of Black Saffron are rice, patchouli and incense. These ingredients enhance the depth and warmth of the fragrance, making it a curling and attractive chime.

    The smell of Black Saffron combines rich spices with luxurious flowers and warm wood. This smell reflects luxury and style and brings a touch of mystery and excitement to your personality.

    Black Saffron can be worn on any special occasion or even in daily use, giving you a sense of confidence and style throughout the day. Enjoy a luxurious aromatic experience and prepare for an unparalleled appeal with Black Saffron.

    The fragrance consists of a congruent bouquet opened by the aromatic introduction accompanied by saffron, juniper berries and nearby fruit. The aromatic heart mediates the skin and violet while sealing the aromatic base with raspberries, vetiver and cashmere wood.

    Note: All fragrances are compounded by us to be compatible with international brands and with excellent quality, stability and high concentration as the images are shown for illustration only



    Juniper berries

    Chinese grapefruit

    Heart notes


    black violet;

    Basic ingredients


    Cashmere wood



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