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    Amouage Interlude for Men is a woody, amber fragrance for men. Interlude Man has been available since 2012. The nose behind this fragrance is Pierre Negrin.
    Top notes are oregano, pepper and bergamot. middle notes are incense, opoponas, amber and labdanum; Base notes are agarwood, leather, sandalwood and patchouli.
    A fragrance for men from the woody oriental aromatic family, refreshing, warm, with a strong, charming scent
    Amouage introduces a new pair of fragrances called Interlude. Interlude Woman and Interlude Man aim to create an atmosphere of chaos while maintaining a sense of balance and calm through the innovative use of frankincense and myrrh.
    Christopher Chung said: “I interpret what I see and feel in smells. All the chaos and social and natural turmoil that surrounds us today can be taken to a more intimate level. The pause reflects all the trials and difficulties you overcome to achieve personal satisfaction and fulfillment.
    He also explained the use of the ingredients: “Amouage has developed a reputation for reinventing familiar scents. Frankincense and myrrh traditionally evoke spirituality and religion, but Interlude has reimagined it to be contemporary and sophisticated.”
    Interlude Man is a woody-spicy fragrance that opens with notes of bergamot, oregano, and raspberry oil, and continues with notes of conflict, which are balanced by aromatic notes of amber, incense, opony, cream, and myrrh. The timeless notes of leather, oud, patchouli and sandalwood in the base provide depth and long-lasting texture. Author: Pierre Negrin.
    The fragrance is perfect for all occasions.
    Aromatic line: Oriental Woody
    The top notes consist of bergamot, spices and wild pimento oil
    The middle layer consists of amber, frankincense, cinnamon, and gum
    The base layer consists of leather, oud, patchouli and sandalwood

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